Top 7 High Antioxidant Foods

Top 7 High Antioxidant Foods

You've probably heard the word a million times before, but many people don't actually know a lot about these amazing substances. Antioxidants have a range of health benefits for us inside and out, so finding foods that are naturally high in them can be a huge reward for your body and skin.

We've compiled the top seven high antioxidant foods and shown you the easiest way to prepare them so you can be sure you're getting free skin care any time you eat something nutritious, and also some which you can apply directly for even better results.

As antioxidants work to protect the body from damage done by harmful molecules, it's never too late to start trying to get some more in your diet.

Green Tea

Green tea is an absolute powerhouse in terms of antioxidants, and it’s one of those great products that can be ingested but also applied to the skin for excellent results. Green tea features polyphenols that not only help to prevent further damage from free radicals but also can reverse some of the signs of aging.

Green Tea Full of Antioxidants

For the best use, brew yourself three to four cups of green tea a day or look for moisturizers and facial masks which feature this ingredient. Green tea is a common extract found in beauty products these days thanks to its amazing anti-aging properties.

Goji Berries

They’re one of the fastest growing berries in terms of popularity, and it’s no wonder why. These small red berries have a tart but sweet taste that makes them great for all kinds of food, and they taste excellent dried up too.

Goji Berries Antioxidants

Goji berries contain some of the highest levels of antioxidants found in food today, and you don’t even need to eat that many to enjoy the benefits. You can enjoy them in tea, raw as a fruit, dried as a snack, and even coated in dark chocolate for something particularly naughty tasting but healthy.

Cacao Powder

This refers to chocolate in its purest form and is also one of the most powerful antioxidants you can eat. Cacao beans contain flavonoids which can lower your risk of diseases and clear your skin up so that it looks better than ever.

Cacao Powder is suprisngly antioxidant rich

Cacao powder is the simplest form of cacao bean to cook with, and you can use it as a substitute for chocolate wherever you need. Using raw cacao powder and making your own homemade face mask is another way to benefit from this antioxidant-rich superfood too.

Kidney Beans

Not just kidney beans but red, black and pinto beans too, these are all amazing sources of antioxidants that you might have already been enjoying without knowing the benefits. However, for the best effect, you should stick with kidney beans and enjoy the flavors and results for your sun damaged skin.

Kindkey Beans full of antioxidants

Kidney beans can be added to just about any meal, and you can buy them fresh or tinned with equally good results. Try adding them to soups, Mexican cuisine, salads, or just enjoying them alone with a side of sour cream and chives.


As one of the most popular antioxidant rich foods, it’s no wonder that blueberries made the list. These have been long known as one of the best ways to fix problem skin and help to prevent further damage caused by free radical. However, did you know that along with eating it you can also apply it directly to your skin?

Blueberries Antioxidants

Fresh blueberries might be bold in color, but they’re a great addition to any facial scrub or mask that you’re trying at home. If you’re not game enough to try for yourself, look for facial products that feature this amazing antioxidant or add some to your next smoothie to get the same excellent results.


If you want a whole range of antioxidants from one delicious food, you can’t go past the pecan. This amazing nut contains ellagic acid, plus vitamins C and E so it’s one of the best around for skin care. They also feature all of the good fats within that can be beneficial for both skin and hair, so you really can’t go wrong.

Pecans For Food

Pecans are so delicious that they’re great for an afternoon snack on their own, or you could mix them with muesli, smoothies, or even into your baking. There are countless ways to enjoy their antioxidants and your skin will thank you for it.


Although not usually one of the first vegetables you think of when naming your favorites, the artichoke might soon be one of your top picks. This amazing vegetable ranked seventh in a list of 100 top antioxidant fruits, vegetables, nut, and seeds, so it’s a powerhouse in terms of what it can offer.

Artichoke Vegetable

A particular antioxidant found in artichokes is rutin which can rebuild cells, making it a great option for those who might be trying to reverse aging or damage from the sun. The best way to prepare them is to steam them, and once cooked they can be added to salads, baked with other vegetables, or dipped in homemade sauces for a healthy treat.

The Final Verdict

The key to getting good skin doesn’t always come from the beauty products you use, although they can be a huge help. We must also work on what we put into our bodies to ensure we’re eating as nutritiously as we can, and in return, our bodies will repay us with the best skin of our lives.

Just by adding a few of these amazingly antioxidant rich foods into your day, or even on your skin, will see you get benefits in a few weeks. Best of all, they all taste delicious and can be used to help you live a healthier lifestyle and not just on the outside.

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