Sun Protection And Makeup

Sun Protection And Makeup

We all know just how harmful UV rays can be on our sensitive skin, and even just a few minutes a day in the sun can do serious damage, yet we seem to ignore all of the warnings. For many of us, we prefer to choose a quality makeup first and sun protection second, without realizing just how irreversible the harm we’re doing is.

Finding a product that will protect your skin against the harmful sun, whether it’s an SPF based foundation or a quality sunscreen, is the best investment you can make and a sure way to slow down the signs of aging.

Sun Damage To The Skin

However, the search for such a product can be hard if you don’t know what you’re looking for an what ingredients are most important.

This simple guide is here to show you the easy ways to get sun protection under makeup and how to find the products that will keep your skin guarded against the UV rays while also looking good.

With this thorough protection, you’ll prevent your skin from further aging and ensure that your skin stays radiant and unmarked for many years to come.

How Much Damage Is The Sun Doing?

Although we are constantly inundated with warnings and stories about skin cancer and the serious damage that the sun can do, many of us are still choosing to lay out, sunbake, or go outside without the right protection.

Studies have shown that even just one minute in the sun without protection can have hours of impact on your skin, so imagine what an hour or a whole day could do.

The pigment melanin which is responsible for giving us that gorgeous, bronzed glow when we lay out in the sun is the same pigment that causes very serious damage that can lead to melanomas, so it’s essential to keep covered up.

UV Camera Showing Damage

UV Camera Shows The Damage Done

Opting for a fake tanning product is the best approach so that you can continue to have this glowing skin but without any of the negatives.

One issue that women face is believing they have to choose between looking good and staying protected against the sun, but thanks to modern beauty products that just isn’t the case any longer.

There are now many options for sun protection makeup and powerful sunscreens that work just as well under your usual makeup routine.

The Best Makeup For Prolonged Sun Exposure

These days, most cosmetic brands now offer at least some form of sun protection in their makeup. There are foundations, powders, and concealers now with SPF properties so you can feel a little better about being exposed to the sun.

To find a quality product that will protect your skin while it keeps you looking good, consider these features:

  • ​An oil-free makeup that means less shine on your face and gives a matte finish;
  • ​To avoid the pale complexion that some sunscreen products can have, you can avoid anything with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide within;
  • ​SPF protection of at least 30+ to ensure it’s going to provide adequate protection;
  • Extras like vitamin E and argan oil can provide your skin with moisture and antioxidants that will work deep to provide extra coverage against the sun and keep it smooth and supple;

​For those who have found themselves caught in the sun without warning and without their shielding sunscreen on, there are some makeup and products out there that can help.

Although they’ll never replace the preventive power that sunscreen has, it’s still the right approach to take. Look for products containing vitamins E and C as they have the right antioxidants to soothe your skin and reverse some of the damage.

​Sun Screen Vs Sun Protection Makeup

If you’re wondering does makeup provide sun protection best or is sunscreen the right option, the best option is always to go with sunscreen first. Although there are plenty of great products out there that can offer protection, dermatologists claim that you’d need 14 times the amount just to get the protection that sunscreen offers.

This frightening fact aside, there are still some excellent options out there for makeup with sun protection built in and those that will give you enough protection for your average day. However, if you’re planning to go in the sun purposely or spend the day at the beach, it’s always recommended to take your UV protection more seriously.

Obviously, for the best approach, you can apply sunscreen to the entire body and even on the face, then following up with sun protection makeup for extra coverage. Modern brands and blends of sunscreen and protective makeup now make it almost impossible to tell you’re wearing extra coverage, and your skin will thank you for it for the rest of your life.

Prevention Is The Key To Beautiful Skin

Too often we try to fix the damage already done to our skin over the years, but with minimal results. The true key to skin care is prevention and this couldn’t be truer than in the case of sun protection makeup and sunscreen.

Sunblock Application

Whether you opt for sunscreen under your makeup or makeup with sun protection qualities included, the important thing is that you’re taking steps to protect your skin. As studies have shown that just a minute in the sun can do serious and irreversible damage, we need to do everything we can to protect the only skin we have.

Thanks to advancements in cosmetics and beauty products, applying sunscreen to your skin and underneath your makeup is now easier than ever. For those times you’ve forgotten to apply protection, reach for the antioxidants and let them soothe your skin and restore it so that you can have a youthful and undamaged complexion for years to come.

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