The Ultimate Guide To Facial And Skin Care

The Ultimate Guide To Facial And Skin Care

We’re only given one body in life, so it’s essential that we treat it right with a variety of preventive and protective measures including good health and nutrition, exercise, and facial and skin care.

Although traditionally people thought of facial and skin care as something only women did or those with a lot of time and money, it’s never been more important to take care of ourselves and the different areas of the body which require attention, both men and women alike.

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There are many different areas which encompass facial and skin care, and various treatments and products that can help not only reverse some of the damage done but also protect it from further damage too.

With external stressors such as bad food, alcohol, weather, stress, and time taking its toll on all areas of our body, providing a quick pick me up to your skin can have dramatic effects on your body and self-esteem.

In addition to the products that have healing and protecting benefits, there is also a range of cosmetics intended to make you look and feel good about yourself. As a holistic approach to treating troubled skin and giving yourself the tools to improve your looks every day with a few simple makeup tricks, you’ll be feeling and looking the best you ever have.

The Different Areas Of Facial And Skin Care

There are many parts of the human body, and many parts to consider when discussing facial and skin care. However, in terms of the key areas, there are some that require more attention than others and some which have a wide range of products and solutions that can get them looking and feeling better than ever.

Within each of these areas of facial and skin care, there’s an even deeper set of products, procedures, and remedies that can both improve your skin’s appearance and work at a deeper level to restore it and protect from further damage.

Women with face masks on.

For a complete approach to the best skin of your life, each of these areas should be targeted and included into a daily beauty routine intended to protect and nourish your skin.

Eye Care

The world of eye care encompasses all types of cosmetic products such as mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and more, each intended to improve on your natural beauty and give you different looks to suit occasions in your life.

However, it’s also important to focus on soothing and rejuvenating products such as eye masks, collagen creams, and those which protect the delicate skin around our eyes from damage.

Lip Care

As the most sensitive skin on our bodies and with over a million nerve endings, it’s no wonder that our lips require so much attention. Lip care encompasses everything from soothing and conditioning products that help to hydrate these often dried features, but also makeup products such as lip glosses, lip mattes, lip liners, and lipsticks intended to bring out the best of your facial traits.

Facial Skin Care

Perhaps the broadest of all areas of facial skin care is the actual skin on your face. As we go through life, our faces experience some of the most intense damage with exposure to pollution, extreme weather conditions, makeup, oil, grease, and dirt that builds up over every normal day.

Facial skin care encompasses products such as cleansers and toners that rid your skin of impurities, moisturizers to keep you hydrated and young in appearance, and scrubs and exfoliators intended to give a deeper clean and remove the dead skin cells that can be doing you damage.

Facial Hair

Whether you’re a man or woman, facial hair can be an issue and it’s important to take proper care of it.

Products that focus on facial hair for men include aftershaves and balms, lotions, and gels that can help to soothe and condition your skin from shaving, or scrubs and exfoliants that remove dead skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

Man using a razor to shave.

Where it was once thought that cosmetic and beauty products were mainly targeted to women, this is a huge area for men’s facial and skin care.

Common Skin Flaws

The range of facial and skin care products is so large due to the fact that each individual has unique skin types and with them common skin flaws. These products work to target some of the most common skin flaws that we have as humans and find ways to reduce, improve, or eradicate them altogether.


A common misconception is that acne is only experienced by those in their teenage years, however, there are many adults who still suffer from the affliction. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 50 million Americans live with acne every year.

Acne, medically known as acne vulgaris, is a disease which affects the oil glands of the skin. As our pores connect to these oil glands, the hair follicles within can sometimes become block with oil which leads to inflammation and irritation.

Acne presents as scarring, pimples, inflammation, bumps, and blackheads, and is often the cause of much embarrassment for those who have the disease.


We all have pores covering our entire body, and these little holes on the outermost layer of the skin are there to produce natural oils that occur.

Pores on the face, close-up.

Although minute, some people may find that their pores appear larger in size, and often become clogged with dirt and oil which can lead to further skin conditions such as pimples, blackheads, and acne.

When your pores are smaller they’re less likely to receive pollutants and can give a clearer and cleaner complexion.


Aging is a natural process that we all must go through, however, when wrinkles begin to appear on your face they can start to age you significantly. Wrinkles commonly appear around the mouth, eyes, and forehead, and as you grow older they become deeper and harder to remove.

Although some people resort to cosmetic surgery to fix these problems, there are actually many facial and skin care products that can have just as good of a result without needing a cosmetic procedure.


This chronic and inflammatory skin condition is another extremely common affliction that many adults deal with. Usually appearing after the age of 30 and lasting well into people’s elder years, rosacea looks like red and inflamed patches which can appear on your face.

Rosacea is usually more common among fair-skinned people and although it can come and go through various stages in your life, it can be an embarrassing and obvious skin condition to live with. In addition to being inflamed, there are also be small and pus-filled bumps that appear on your face, which can be unsightly and irritating.


They usually say that scars on your body tell a story, but anyone with obvious scars or stretch marks will likely feel that they wish they were gone altogether. Scars can occur from any type of trauma on the skin such as burns, cuts, wounds, acne, puberty, and other skin conditions.

Stomach stretch marks on a woman.

Although many people will live with stretch marks or acne scars, they can be a source of embarrassment for most of us and we will go to great lengths to cover them up. Reducing or removing scars and stretch marks is usually a popular medical procedure but one that can be assisted with the use of certain facial and skin care products.

There are countless skin disorders, diseases, and complaints that we experience as humans, and many of them seem to exasperate as we get older. Although you can target these with expensive and sometimes ineffective cosmetic procedures, the best way to help yourself is with facial and skin care products that have been specifically formulated to get results.

The Range Of Facial And Skin Care Products

With a prediction that the US beauty market will reach around $90 billion by 2020, it’s no wonder that the range of facial and skin products available can seem overwhelming. With hundreds of products claiming to be the latest and greatest in skin care, finding the key ones which can assist with skin conditions but have you feeling and looking great can seem tough.

Face Mask

A face mask refers to a cream, gel, or paste that you apply to your face and leave on for a specified amount of time. These masks usually dry after some time and are then washed off to reveal better looking skin. These are popular products used in day spas and salons around the world, and as well as being great for your skin they also have a relaxing benefit too.

The Different Types Of Face Mask

Because each of us has such unique skin, there’s never going to be just one type of face mask that can suit us all. Most face masks are designed to tackle common skin conditions or do things such as relax and rejuvenate. Here are a few common types of face mask and how they work:

  • Clay masks – these are ideal for people with oily skin as they work to tighten and draw out any impurities that might be clogging your pores.
  • Peel off masks – a peel off mask is one that applies wet but can be peeled off dry, taking with it the dirt and oil that clogs pores and leaving your skin tight and refreshed.
  • Natural masks – these are usually made at home and feature natural ingredients such as vitamin rich fruits and vegetables which have great effects on your skin.
  • Cream masks – these are best for people with dry skin who need some extra moisture thanks to their emollient properties which can soften your facial skin.
  • Thermal masks – these warm the surface tissue of your face and warm up significantly after application. They allow the pores to open up so that you can achieve a deeper cleanse than before.

How You Can Benefit From Face Masks

Although each type of face mask is targeted to different areas such as anti-aging, dryness, or sensitivity, there are some ways that they benefit you as a whole. Just one application of a face mask can give you:

  • Clearer skin - A face mask works deeper than all other beauty products to get into pores and detoxify your skin. The result is a clearer complexion than you’ve ever had before.
  • Relaxation - The number one reason why face masks are so popular at salons is because it gives you time out to rejuvenate and relax, all the while treating your skin to something so beneficial. This helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and worry too.
  • Improved self-esteem - When you get the deep cleanse and treatment that only a face mask can bring, you’ll feel better about yourself and your appearance and get a boost of self-confidence.
Woman with a face mask and cucumber slices on her eyes.

Lip Color

No doubt the most popular piece of makeup in any girl’s collection, lip color is available in such a diverse range of colors, shades, finishes, and applications. Even when no other makeup is worn, women still find that the instant boost of color and self-confidence they get from wearing lip color is enough to warrant its use every day.

The Types of Lip Color

With countless options available for lip color it can be tough finding one that suits your skin and aesthetics. Here are just a few different types of lip color and their best uses.

  • Lip balm - Although there are many great conditioning lip balms that feature no color pigmentation, if you’re looking something gentle and hydrating but with a burst of personality, you can choose one of the many tinted lip balms available. These are ideal for everyday use or when you don’t want a dramatic look.
  • Lipstick - Lipstick comes in many different styles itself including matte, sheer, and cream. The cream lipsticks usually have a more glossy finish whereas matt is dull. They can be in the shorter style or in the longer pen like designs, usually, all operated with a twist top.
  • ​Lip gloss - When you want something shiny and conditioning, you can’t go past lip gloss. While these are often shinier, the color isn’t as dramatic as you’d see in a lipstick so they suit times when you’re looking for something a little more casual. Lip gloss is usually transparent to some degree which suits people looking for a soft finish to their makeup.
  • Lip liner - Although not used by everyone, lip liner is a must have staple for many people’s makeup kits as it has a range of benefits. When your lips are lined with the right color it can make them appear bolder and bigger, and help to stop your lip color from bleeding or smudging outside of the line.
  • Lip stain - Relatively new to the range of lip colors is stain, intended to be applied and able to be left on for hours on end. These are great if you don’t have time to reapply or just want something that can withstand a little more from your daily life.


Known as one of the oldest beauty products of all time, mascara today is said to have a range of benefits. Applied to your eyelashes, usually top and bottom, it can help make your eyes appear larger and give your lashes both volume and length.

Woman applying black mascara on eyelashes with makeup brush.

Mascara comes in a range of colors and each with their own unique selling point, however the most common shades and black and brown.

Types Of Mascara

Depending on what you’re hoping to achieve in a makeup look, there are a few different types of mascara available. These are just some of the most common types, but there are countless other unique mascaras tailored to meet every type of lash and look you’re trying to accomplish.

  • Lengthening - most mascaras have a lengthening effect, designed to make your lashes appear longer and more luscious.
  • Volumizing – a volume enriching mascara will usually make your lashes look longer but also thicker, and these are ideal for a night time or more dramatic appearance.
  • Waterproof – waterproof and water resistant mascaras are best for those who might be exercising, have eye irritation, or just want the protection of a mascara that will stay.
  • Clear – for people who don’t want any bold colors, it’s possible to get a transparent or clear mascara. This still lengthens and separates without anything too drastic.
  • Curling – a curling mascara works with your natural lashes and uses a special additive to make them curl, giving you a brighter eye.

Antioxidant Cream

Antioxidants are one ingredient that has gained a lot of popularity in the world of health and beauty in recent years, due to its huge benefits for your body.

Traditionally, people consumed antioxidants in fruit and vegetables to get results, but now there are specialized creams which contain these amazing substances that can be applied to your face and skin for a range of results.

Types Of Antioxidant Creams

Although still relatively new to the market, the different types of antioxidant creams are plenty. These are usually designed to meet one specific skin care need and use the power of antioxidants to go to work.

Not to be confused with facial moisturizer, antioxidant creams usually work at things other than adding hydration and are generally a little more expensive.

  • Anti-aging - An anti-aging antioxidant cream is perhaps the most popular type, and it has a two-pronged approach to both reduce the damage already done by free radicals but help to prevent the skin from further damage occurring. Retinol and reservatol are common ingredients found in these types of antioxidant creams.
  • Anti wrinkle - An anti wrinkle antioxidant cream usually works at reducing the fine lines and wrinkles already present, and by softening your complexion. They achieve this with vitamins C and E, as well as retinol which can help to plump up the skin where collagen may have been lost.
  • Night cream - An antioxidant night cream is one specifically designed to work while you sleep, and generally, gives eight hours of coverage. These get deep into pores to work the antioxidants in and are great for hydration too.
  • Anti-inflammatory - For those who suffer from conditions such as rosacea, there are many anti-inflammatory antioxidant creams that target these diseases specifically. Antioxidants such as phloretin are great for calming and these creams are ideal for people with sensitive skin who might have reactions to other products.
Woman using antioxidant cream.

Facial Moisturizer

The skin on our face is particularly sensitive when compared to the rest of our bodies, and it’s also the most exposed. While we cover our bodies with clothing, our face is always up front and open to external stressors such as weather, pollution, makeup, and general dirt and grime that builds up over the day.

Woman using facial moisturizer.

Using a facial moisturizer is an essential part of anyone’s beauty routine, even if you choose not to use any other products, and can help protect your face from damage but keep it soft and hydrated too.

The Many Benefits of Facial Moisturizer

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about investing in a facial moisturizer or just want to know why they’re as popular as they are, it might help to consider how many amazing benefits they can have on your face.

  • Protection - When you moisturize your face each day and night, you’re protecting it from a range of things. A good moisturizer can protect from harmful UV rays, harsh weather conditions, dry and damaging air, and dirt and particles that come our way.
  • Hydration - The number one benefit to wearing facial moisturizer is the hydration your skin receives. As we don’t usually make enough moisture to keep our faces hydrated it’s essential to use a moisturizer each day so we’re supple and soft.
  • Prevents acne - When your face dries out it can overcompensate by creating more oil, which in turn creates pimples, blackheads, and acne. Applying moisturizer once a day is the simplest defense you have against these conditions.
  • Keeps skin youthful - By applying a moisturizer every day you’re not only helping to correct fine lines and wrinkles, but you’re keeping skin plump and protected from the things which cause these wrinkles in the first place.

Facial Exfoliator

Over our lives, our skin goes through many processes of shedding old cells to create new ones. When they can’t shed this skin on their own, a facial exfoliator is an easy way to help remove the dead layer so that we can make way for a fresh and smooth layer underneath.

They achieve this by the use of small granules, beads, or exfoliating liquids that help to remove the dead cells with a simple circular motion, and should be done once or twice a week for best results.

Why You Should Use Facial Exfoliator

If you’ve been considering adding a quality facial exfoliator to your beauty regime but aren’t completely sold, there are so many great benefits you will receive once you start this wonderful process.

  • Smooths and polishes skin - When you apply a facial exfoliator it works at remove the dead and flaky skin from your face, so that all you’re left with is a smooth and polished complexion that makes it easier to moisturizer or apply other cosmetics too.
  • Prevents ingrown hairs - For men especially, using a facial exfoliator is the key to a smoother shave and one without ingrown hairs. The exfoliation can be used to get rid of dried skin which can trap hair growth and cause these ingrown hairs, but it also makes it easier for your razor to get closer to the skin and get a cleaner shave.
  • Clears pores - A facial exfoliator can get deeper into your pores than just a facial wash alone, and these scrubs are usually designed to specifically target the dirt and oil that gets trapped deep down within.
  • Prevents aging - As we get older, our skin’s natural exfoliation process slows down which can leave us looking dull and aged. With regular exfoliation, you can reveal the more youthful skin and prevent a build up of cells which cause wrinkles and fine lines to appear.

Facial Toner

Likely one of the most underused beauty products of all time, but one with some of the most important benefits is facial toner. These toners usually contain alcohol or something else with drying powers, intended to shrink the size of your pores and get inside for a deeper clean to remove dirt and oil.

Woman applying facial toner.

Toner is applied to a cotton ball and wiped on your face, removing traces of dirt, makeup, or anything else that might be left behind after cleansing.

Why You Should Use Facial Toner

The reason why toner doesn’t receive as much appreciation as it should is due to the fact that people aren’t schooled on its many benefits. When used in conjunction with a quality cleanser, your toner will be able to give you:

  • Reduced acne and pimples - A facial toner is a must have product for anyone who suffers from oily skin, pimples, or acne, as it can help to remove the bad oils which become trapped. Just be sure to apply moisturizer afterward to keep your face hydrated.
  • Shrinks pores - The best thing about toner which on other product can do is dramatically reduce the size of your pores. This gives you a smoother complexion, less visible pores, and less likelihood that you’ll get a buildup of grime and dirt on your skin.
  • pH balance - As we naturally produce acid on our skin which gets worse when we cleanse or wash, a quality facial toner can help to restore the pH balance on your face. This means your face doesn’t work in overtime to restore the balance and end up creating more oil.
  • Prevents ingrown hairs - For anyone who does hair removal, shaving, waxing, or otherwise, toning is essential to stopping the rate of ingrown hairs and allows for a more effective removal.

Men's Cologne

For centuries men have been wearing colognes and perfumes for a number of reasons, but only recently has this market seen such a boom. There are countless different fragrances available for men and with unique benefits, so it all depends on the man and his personal preference.

Cologne being sprayed.

Types of Men’s Cologne

You might not know it, but just as there is with women’s scents there is a range of cologne types available for men and all with their unique selling points. These names generally refer to the amount of perfume oil found within and cost at various prices as well.

  • Cologne – around 2-4% perfume oils are featured in colognes and these are most common type found in North America.
  • Toilette – used as a light spray usually and with 5-15% pure perfume, an eau du toilette is generally favored by younger people.
  • Perfume – with 15-20% perfume oil this is usually popular with both men and women and used to describe most common colognes as well.
  • Parfum – the strongest smelling of all varieties at around 20-30% perfume oil and generally more expensive too. The parfum type requires only a little to get a great effect.

How You Can Benefit From Cologne

There’s no doubt that just wearing a scent you enjoy can make you feel better about yourself, but there are a few other ways in which men’s cologne can benefit you too, regardless of the type you choose.

  • Self-esteem - Knowing that you smell good can give you an instant boost to self-confidence that can carry you through the day. Even when you can’t look your best or are feeling tired, smelling nice can give you the confidence that you might be missing.
  • Attractiveness - For men looking to attract women, it might help to know that women find scent the most attractive quality of all the senses. When you have a nice cologne on you’re more likely to be approached or complimented by others.
  • Energy - When you opt for something with light and citrusy scents, your cologne can actually pep you up better than a morning cup of coffee and give you much needed energy.
  • Deeper connections - Smell triggers memories better than any of the other senses and your smell is 150,000 times more sensitive than your vision, and with the right cologne, you can help form deeper relationships with others due to this.

Men's Body Wash

Although traditionally marketed to women, there is now a huge market for men’s body wash products all with their own unique properties.

These can specifically target a man’s biology as well as offer other things they might find important, such as exfoliation for shaving or more manly scents. These are applied in the shower with a loofah or other bath sponge and worked into a lather before being rinsed off.

Man using body wash in the shower.

The Benefits of Men’s Body Wash

If you’re considering investing in a body wash made just for men, you’ll be pleased to know that there are more benefits to it than just smelling good throughout the day. You’ll also get:

  • Smoother skin - When you swap the soap for gel and use a quality loofah, you’re helping to remove the dead skin cells and many different specks of dirt and oils that men come in contact with every day.
  • Invigoration - Choosing a shower gel with the right ingredients such as cinnamon and citrus can give you a boost before you begin the day.
  • Relaxation - When you’re looking to unwind after a tough day at work, a shower gel with ingredients like lavender and chamomile can help you to destress as you wash away the remains of your day.
  • Anti-perspiration - For men who perspire a lot more than usual, you can get specially formulated men’s body wash products that help to tackle this excessive sweat and leave you fresh all day.


Not to be confused with cologne, aftershave is a specifically designed product that comes in either lotions, splashes, balms, or sprays, and is intended to calm your skin after shaving and add fragrance. An aftershave is applied to the hands after shaving and then rubbed into your jawline and neck to target the areas you just shaved, as well as condition them.

Man using aftershave.

Why Use Aftershave

There are many reasons why men use aftershave each time they finish with the razor, and these benefits are what makes it one of the most popular men’s products still to date. Within the range of aftershaves there are some that offer even more specific benefits, however, these are general advantages that can be found with all.

  • Prevents bleeding and infection - A good aftershave will have an antiseptic quality that not only arrests the bleeding that might occur but prevents any bacteria entering the wounds which may cause infection.
  • Calms and conditions - Aftershaves can calm irritated skin after shaving, and also condition and hydrate to ensure the area doesn’t become dried out.
  • Improves smell - When you use a good men’s aftershave you might also benefit from the added perfume within, tackling two products in the one.

How You Can Create DIY Facial And Skin Care At Home

If you’re looking to try out some facial products at home but aren’t quite ready to make the investment, there are some great DIY facial and skin care products you can make yourself. These are made from natural ingredients that you can usually source straight from your pantry or fridge, and they’re fun to experiment with too.

For a homemade facial scrub, try mixing ingredients such as lemon juice with grainy items like raw or granulated sugar. Mix them together to form a paste as you would find in an exfoliating product and work into your skin to remove dead cells.

If you want to try a DIY mask before purchasing one for yourself, there are plenty of great products in your fridge and pantry that work a treat on your face. Bananas and avocados can be mixed with honey or yogurt to make refreshing and rejuvenating masks, and even if they have no cosmetic value you’ll still feel relaxed and energized from some much needed time out.

DIY face mask with oatmeal and bananas.

Finally, you can use the power of antioxidants for yourself to get the best skin of your life. Try to incorporate antioxidant-rich foods into your cooking and baking with things like fresh blueberries, dried goji berries, and raw pecans so you can get a boost of these amazing substances from the inside as well.

Although nothing will ever top the professionally made range of masks, scrubs, and products designed by dermatologists, creating your own DIY beauty products at home can be fun and rewarding. Best of all, they feature natural ingredients that are good for your skin, so there’s no need to wonder about what might be going on your sensitive face.

The Importance Of Facial And Skin Care

No man or woman should be without these basics in facial and skin care, whether you wear makeup or not. As our facial skin is extremely sensitive and always exposed to external stressors from the foods we eat, harsh weather climates, or just everyday exposure to dirt and grime, we have to do all we can to protect it.

There are countless ways you can benefit from better looking skin thanks to these products, including a boost in self-esteem, younger complexion, and a more attractive smelling and looking body. When you take just a little time out each day to treat your skin to the best, it will repay you tenfold with a radiant and youthful appearance.

With a deeper understanding of the various facial and skin care products, you’ll now feel more inclined to take care of your skin than ever before. Thankfully, there are some amazingly simple and affordable products now available on the skincare market that can get you the best complexion of your life without ever having to step foot in a spa.

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