5 Tips For Perfect Shave Every Time

5 Tips For Perfect Shave Every Time

It’s the age-old rite of passage that every man must go through, and for many of us, it’s a time to step back and relax a little in the mornings. Shaving your face might be one of those things that you do without thinking, but there are a few handy tips you can try to ensure you not only get the closest shave possible but end up looking like a million bucks when you’re done.

Ditch The Fingers For The Brush

Although it’s tempting to apply your gel or cream with your fingers, for the best results you need to invest in a quality shaving brush. These can get deeper into the hair which makes it easier to remove, and according to the experts, a badger brush is the best choice.

Use a Brush for applying shave cream

Choose A Good Aftershave

There’s nothing manlier than applying a good aftershave when you’re done with the razor, and it has countless benefits for your skin. Rub a quality aftershave on once the job is complete, and you’ll get less ingrown hairs, less chance of infection, and a smoother and more hydrated face. Best of all, you’ll smell a treat for the rest of the day and won’t need to bother with cologne.

Exfoliate And Tone Your Skin

Facial Scrub for Men

You might think these are fancy products just for women, but using a quality facial scrub or exfoliator and applying toner to your skin can give you the perfect shave. Toners can reduce pores and prevent ingrown hairs, and an exfoliator gives you a smoother surface to work with so they’re both essential.

Take Your Time

When you apply your shaving cream it can be tempting to begin the shave, but for best results, you should wait around three minutes. Use this time to brush your teeth or clip your nails, and you’ll find the hair responds far better to your razor once it’s been treated to a bit of conditioning. When it’s time to shave, move the razor closely and carefully to ensure you don’t miss a spot.

Go With The Hair

The cardinal rule of shaving for man or woman, but particularly important for facial hair, is to shave with the direction of the hair growth. This will reduce the chance of friction, allow you to reach more of the hair, and get as close to possible. As an added bonus, you’ll be less likely the nick the skin which can result in unsightly bloody spots throughout the day.

Close Shave

Simplicity Is Best

When you follow these tips and try not to overthink it, you’ll generally find that you enjoy not only the shaving process but the end result. With a few choice products up your sleeve you’ll end up looking better than ever before, and your efforts won’t go unnoticed by those around you either.

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