5 Things You Didn’t Know About Men’s Fragrances

5 Things You Didn't Know About Men's Fragrances

While they might not receive as much air time as women’s, men’s fragrances certainly have a lot of interesting facts behind them. Everything from their invention to the best ways to wear them contains some fascinating information, so here are the top five things you might not have known about men’s fragrances.

There Are Many Different Types

Within the world of fragrances, there is actually more than just cologne. The five main types are parfum, perfume, toilette, colognes, and Eau Fraiche. Each of these is differentiated by how much perfume oil is within, and the more oil the more expensive the product.

When you splurge for the pricier parfum variety, though, you’ll be treated with a product that requires very little to get the full effect.

Mens Parfume sprayed

Men's Fragrances Were Invented With Civilization

Well before the world of men’s perfume as we know them today was invented, men’s fragrances existed with some of man’s earliest civilizations. It’s believed that in ancient Egypt, they used small glass bottles to keep scents with both cosmetic and medicinal functions.

The oldest perfumery known to mankind was discovered in Cyprus, believed to have been around 4,000 years old.

There Are Certain Areas To Apply

Many people apply their perfumes and colognes on their way out the door with a quick spritz or dab and then rub their wrists together. However, this can be damaging to the scent and isn’t the best way to get use out of them.

For men, applying to areas that produce the most heat such as neck and bicep is ideal, being sure not to bruise them by rubbing and allowing them to dry on their own.

Areas to Apply To Skin

Women Love Them

Studies have found that women rate the scent of a man as their most attractive in terms of senses, so even if you can’t look your best you can still attract a lot of people with the way you smell. On a deep level, women are even able to smell which partners would make better mates and connect biologically, so perfume makers try to target these unique scents too.

Woman Love Parfumes on men

They Store Best Cold

Although it might seem strange to store your colognes in the fridge, it’s been shown that around 3-7 degrees is the ideal temperature for keeping them. However, when that won’t do it should be in a cool and dark place at home to ensure they stay their best for many years.

Every man should have at least one quality cologne or aftershave in their arsenal, with amazing powers for your attractiveness and self-esteem. With these handy little facts under your belt too, you’ll have some great conversation starters if you’re ever in the need to break the ice with someone.

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