3 Ways To Do Your Facial Scrub At Home

3 Ways To Do Your Facial Scrub At Home

There's not much that tops visiting an expensive salon and getting a quality facial scrub done, but the reality is that not many of us can afford it. However, with the latest products now available in the beauty market, there are some amazing brands that can now bring you that professional salon feel and quality to your home.

Go Solo

When you're looking for a quick and easy way to treat yourself, prepare a hot shower with your favorite facial scrub. Spend some time in the shower really relaxing, and ensure your face is washed clean and cleansed before you begin.

Facial Scrub

Apply your facial exfoliator and take the time to work it into your pores, allowing the hot water to open your pores up for an even better result. Once done, dry off completely by patting your face with a soft towel and lather your face in your favorite moisturizer to finish it off.

Time With The Bestie

When you're hanging out with your best friend and have plans to hit the town later that night, you can prepare yourself by doing a facial scrub at home. With your favourite exfoliator in hand, you can take turns treating each other to the salon experience by applying the scrub and gently rinsing it off for them with warm water.

Spa Treatment in Home

Choose one specifically made for glowing skin so that you'll feel the effects when you hit the town later that evening, and give yourself a smooth and soft base to apply your makeup too. Best of all, if your friend has their own favorite facial scrub you can take turns using each to give yourself a new experience.

Group Pampering Session

When you're planning a night in with the girls and want to do something a little different, why not set up your own beauty salon at home? Each person can have a turn at their own special beauty stop, with one of the sections devoted to giving a quality facial scrub.

Girls doing Spa together

With one girl doing face masks, another painting nails, and you applying facial scrubs and exfoliating people’s skin for a fresh reveal, you can get the salon experience at home for free and with all of your best friends by your side.

Indulge Yourself For A Fraction Of The Price

Gone are the days when we had to spend hundreds of dollars and hours in a beauty salon just to receive the latest and greatest facial scrubs as a treat, as this new range of scrubs and exfoliators can get you the same results for more than half the price. The best part is when you invest in one of these great scrubs you can get multiple uses out of it so it saves you even more.

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