5 Facts About Face Moisture And How It Can Impact Your Health

5 Facts About Face Moisture And How It Can Impact Your Health

We all know that it's essential to moisturize our skin daily, and sometimes even twice a day, but not many of us stop to think about why exactly that is.

Moisturizing is something that our body needs help to do as it might not be doing it adequately on its own, and there are plenty of reasons relating to our health and beauty that make it a must have a part of everyone’s beauty routine.

A Face Without Moisture Is Prone To Acne

It might sound counterintuitive, but when our skin is dried out our bodies overcompensate for this lack of moisture by creating their own oils. According to dermatologists, dry skin can make your existing acne worse but also improve conditions for new acne to appear.

Acne on Dry face

A Face Without Moisture Is Unprotected

When you don’t apply a quality facial moisturizer each day, you’re leaving it open to all kinds of damage from the sun, wind, pollution, and any external properties that might get inside your pores. A moisturized face is protected with a special layer that just can’t be there without this one simple product.

A Face Without Moisture Is Hard To Work With

If you like to wear makeup each day, even a minimal amount, you need to have your face in perfect condition for it to set and apply properly. A moisturized face is even, smooth and free from flakiness making it the ideal space to apply concealers, foundations, and other products.

applying moisturiser

A Face Without Moisture Looks Aged

Just by applying a moisturizer each day, you’re working on the already established fine lines and wrinkles that exist on your face, and also preventing more from appearing. When the skin barrier is exposed without moisturizer, it’s more likely to become irritated which leads to more wrinkles. Look for a specifically anti-aging moisturizer for the best defense.

A Face Without Moisture Will Be Irritated

For those living in particularly cold or dry climates, you’ll know just how itchy your skin can get without moisturizer. By applying facial moisturizer before you leave the house each day, you can have lovely smelling and feeling skin that's not damaged by constant scratching or irritation and inflammation.

Dry Flakey Skin

The Most Basic Beauty Routine

Even if you do nothing else as part of a beauty routine, moisturizing is one thing you just can’t go without. No matter the weather conditions, your lifestyle, age, and whether you’re a man or woman, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be applying one of the top moisturizers each day.

For a specific application, there are now plenty of moisturizers available to suit those who want an anti-aging effect, all natural ingredients, and even those targeted just to male users. No matter your preference, there’s no excuse not to use one of these moisturizers and give your skin the attention it deserves.

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