5 Make Up Tips And Tricks For Darker Skin

5 Make Up Tips And Tricks For Darker Skin

For those with darker skin, you probably already know that it can be hard to find tips and tricks that suit your unique skin tone specifically. Women with naturally darker skin tones are blessed in many ways with their complexions, but if you're looking for a little help on how to get your best face forward you've probably come up short.

Here are a few tips and tricks aimed specifically at women with darker skin so you can get the best out of your skin care products.

Choose Lip Color Wisely

Where possible, try to avoid anything frosty in your lip colors. Although most of these styles are now outdated there are still plenty of products around, but they won’t do you any favors. Women with darker skin should go for richer colors and stick to lipsticks and creams that can blend better with their beautiful complexions.

Lip Color on arm

Cleanse, Tone, And Moisturize

Just because it might be harder to see your pores, it doesn’t mean they should be neglected. Ensure you have a good routine of cleaning your face each day, applying a toner, and using a facial moisturizer to stay hydrated. These three things will not only improve your skin but make it easier to blend makeup in too.

Blush Is Essential

When choosing a blush color to suit darker skin, it’s best to look for something browny red or brick in color to complement your own gorgeous skin tone. Feel free to experiment with colors and see which pops best, but don’t think just because you have a darker complexion you have to miss out on all the benefits of a good blush.

Applying Blush to Cheeks

Go Bright And Be Fearless

One of the best things about having darker skin is that you can make colors emerge and pop far better than those with fairer skin. When applying your eyeshadow, in particular, don’t be afraid to choose bold colors that will really stand out such as bright yellows, pinks, and oranges. These often will look much better on a darker complexion and have far more of a dramatic impact.

Avoid The Matte Finish

According to the beauty experts, one of the easiest ways to get an ashy complexion is by using a matte powder or foundation. Always look for creamy formulas that will get you the soft and dewy finish that you’re after, and one that will keep your face looking hydrated.

matte powder in hand

Embrace Your Skin

The world of beauty products and cosmetics once didn’t cater to those with darker skin as much as it does now, and there’s never been a better time to experiment with what works for your uniquely beautiful skin tone.

Embrace your skin and try vibrant colors blended with rich and dark lips, to bring out the very best of your complexion. Just remember to exfoliate, cleanse, tone, and moisturize, so that you can be working with the very best palette possible.

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