Difference Between CC And BB Creams

Difference Between CC And BB Creams

Every time you go to your local drugstore, you get swarmed with the amount of new makeup that’s being released. Sometimes buying makeup can be even more challenging of a task than buying groceries because of all the new beauty options constantly made available.

Knowing which fads are worth investing in is key, so you make sure not to waste your money on products that actually won’t benefit your skin whatsoever.

BB cream and CC cream are two makeup products that are here to stay because of the positive associations they have when it comes to treating your skin. However, you need to understand the difference between BB cream and CC cream before you spend your hard earned money on both.

Different creams.

Continue reading for a brief look at BB cream and CC cream.

What Are BB creams?

Even though BB creams have been around Asian markets for a couple of years now, it's only entered the US market as of recently. In fact, it's only been two years now that the US has fully grasped the benefits behind using BB cream.

Those who still have no idea what BB cream is and how it can enhance your natural features, don't be alarmed. Keep on reading to grasp the power of using BB cream fully.

What Is BB cream?

Originally, in the Asian market, the BB meant blemish balm, but when it entered the US market, it underwent a name change. Now, BB cream is basically short for beauty balm.

BB cream is advertised as being a serum that has it all. It is a moisturizer, SPF, primer, and foundation that will provide the skin coverage you seek without further damaging your skin. When you use this product, you’ll actually be protecting your skin.

What Are CC creams?

Once BB cream became a hit in the US beauty industry, brands went looking for a way to provide another product that could makeup for what BB cream lacks to do. This is a major reason why leading beauty experts agree that CC cream is a spinoff of BB cream.

What Is CC cream?

Whenever you see CC cream on a bottle of makeup, know that it means color and correct. CC cream prioritizes ample sun protection as well as skin coverage. Those who happen to have dull and uneven skin will find that CC cream works to your benefit because it ensures skin brightening effects.

CC creams.

Keep in mind that some of the ingredients that are included in CC cream aren’t as healthy for your skin as the ones found in BB cream. This is something to keep in mind before you make a makeup purchase on a whim.

BB Cream Vs CC Cream

To truly understand the difference between BB cream and CC cream, you need to ask yourself questions about the two. You’ll notice how both of these creams share many common traits, but at the end of the day have distinct features that separate the two.

Below we will be asking the questions that are most likely running through your brain. We will also provide the answers you seek so you can finally figure out which one you prefer.

When Should You Use It?

There isn’t a specific time that calls for BB cream because you can apply it every day. However, it is especially recommended to wear BB cream when you don’t plan on wearing a lot of makeup, but still want to look as if you put some effort into your appearance.

If you’re the type of person who would rather sleep in than go to work with a full face of makeup, then BB cream will readily become your savior. As we said above, BB cream has various uses, so you can forget about having to apply both moisturizer and primer because this product will suffice just fine.

However, you shouldn’t mistake BB cream for being a sufficient substitute for sunscreen since most of these creams lack a high SPF. This is where CC cream comes in.

With CC cream, you can use it for the same reasons you would use to apply BB cream. Just remember that CC cream will ensure a higher level of skin coverage than BB cream. The days you plan on wearing foundation, you should consider applying some CC cream as well.

CC cream + foundation.

When you combine both CC cream and foundation, you’re giving your skin the tools for proper protection against the external environment. With BB cream, foundation isn't necessary, but you have to apply additional sunscreen.

What Type Of Effect Do You Want?

Ultimately, the type of cream that you end up choosing should be dictated by the type of skin you have.

Those with oily skin should make use of CC cream since it is significantly lighter and contains fewer oils than BB cream. CC cream will also work wonders if you're dealing with skin blemishes and redness because its purpose is to correct your overall skin tone.

If you have sensitive skin, you can use either CC or BB cream. You can differentiate between the two by testing out which one best complements your skin tone. When it comes to anti-aging properties, you can take advantage of CC and BB cream.

BB cream will come to the rescue for those who wish to give off a healthy glow. If your skin already is naturally blemish-free, then BB cream will accentuate that quality about you.

How To Apply?

Makeup experts agree that you cannot apply CC cream the same way you would BB cream. Even though both of these products come in a liquid form, there are specific ways you can apply them so you can look as flawless as possible.

You can use either your fingers or a makeup blender to apply CC cream. The crucial step for applying this cream is blending it, so make sure that you are smoothing it all over your face in circular motions.

With BB cream, you can also use either your makeup blender or fingers. However, beauty experts reveal that the makeup blender is a much more hygienic option when compared to your fingers. You can avoid having acne flare-ups by using a blender.

Applying a cream with a blender.

If you don’t have a makeup blend at home, feel free to use your fingers. You just have to make sure that you thoroughly wash your hands beforehand.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by now you’ve figured out which cream best suits your particular skin care needs. If you have the money, we recommend investing in both because you don’t know which one you’ll truly prefer unless you give both a shot.


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