The Trick To The Best Face Mask Of Your Life

The Trick To The Best Face Mask Of Your Life

They're one of the most popular parts of a skincare regime, packed full of benefits for your face that just can't be achieved with other products, and they can make you feel as though you’ve just stepped out of an expensive day spa.

However, finding the best face mask can be like searching for a needle in a haystack due to the hundreds of products available all claiming to be the best for your skin.

If you’ve never used one before, you could be wondering why exactly they’re so popular and how your face can benefit, and we’re here to share the secrets of the face mask for you.

These products come in many different forms including creams, gels, and pre-molded face cut outs, all intended to be left on your face for a set amount of time in order to work deeply into your skin.

A face mask is applied and left to set, and then removed by either peeling or washing it off your skin. As each of them is unique there are different methods for application, but there’s no doubt that this is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing, and instantly satisfying beauty products that you’ll ever try.

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How A Face Mask Can Change Your Life

As one of the most popular beauty products around, it’s no wonder that these miracle masks can achieve so much. Here are just a few ways you can benefit from using the best face mask for your skin.


There’s a reason why most facials will include a face mask, due to the fact that they’re completely relaxing and therapeutic. Once on, you can lay back and relax as the mask works its magic on you in a completely refreshing way.

Deep Cleansing

When you apply one of the best face mask products, you’re able to draw out impurities that just can’t be reached with daily cleansing alone. They’re great for a deeper clean than you usually get with your daily routine.

Reduced Acne And Blemishes

When you choose the best face mask for unclogged pores, you’ll be benefiting from a deep cleansing of your skin that can pull out trapped dirt and oil from your face which can then cause acne. Face masks target these problems in the early stages so that your skin is less likely to break out.

Woman using face mask for glowing skin.

Glowing Skin

A hydrating face mask can bring life, suppleness, and glow back to your skin and take years off your appearance in just minutes. These masks can give an instant improvement so you don’t need to wait to see results.

They have many different purposes depending on what you’re looking to improve with everything from blemish reducing to therapeutic properties contained. In order to get the very best use out of your face mask, though, you need to know how to apply it properly.

How To Use A Face Mask

Although there are many different varieties of face mask available, the most common form is a gel or cream which you apply to your face and leave to set. By following these direct instructions, you can ensure you apply the mask just as a professional therapist would in order to achieve the optimal results.

  • Before you apply your face mask you should always cleanse your skin first and exfoliate with a gentle scrub, being careful to use something round beads for the best effect. Wash your face off completely and dry gently with a towel.
  • Apply an exfoliating peel next and before you do your mask, and leave this on for a few minutes at least. This will ensure the mask is getting into your pores and exactly where it needs to target. Rinse this off with cool water and pat dry again with a towel.
  • ​Beginning from the nose and working your way out, apply the mask in a thin but covered layer ensuring to get every inch of your face and half way down your neck. Avoid your eyes and mouth, and once applied everywhere leave for the recommended time.
  • Peel or wash off your mask, and give your face a thorough wash with warm water and pat dry with a towel. As masks can sometimes dry out your face, it’s best to apply a gentle moisturizer afterward or toner.

Best Face Masks

Now that you know the secret to applying face masks, it’s time to look at some of the best choices around. These cover all budgets, skin types, and purposes, so all you need to do is choose which one suits you best.

Alitura Naturals Clay Mask

For a face mask that can do more than just one job, you can’t go wrong with the Alitura Naturals Clay Mask. This amazing mask will exfoliate, rejuvenate, cleanse, and perfect to leave you with a silky smooth complexion.

The Alitura Naturals Clay Mask features kelp as their unique ingredient which helps you to achieve all of these things, as it allows for a detoxification of your skin and purifies the blood. This ingredient is popular in natural Chinese medicine and Alitura Naturals have harnessed it to give you the softest skin you’ll ever feel.

Alitura Naturals Clay Mask

The only issue with this is the smell, as some people might find it a little off-putting. However, with a number of natural ingredients within you can surely put up with a little bit of odor for the amazing results you’ll see instantly after removing it.

This is one of the best face mask for men products as it uses all natural ingredients in a clay paste to target the unique needs of men. However, women too can benefit just as much provided they aren’t bothered by the smell that can come from kelp and other natural ingredients.

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Pure Biology Clay Face Mask

If you’re hoping to treat acne and other blemishes, you’ll be pleased that you found this amazing product from Pure Biology Clay Face Mask. This mask specializes in all of the unsightly marks and spots that you wish weren’t there with an enhanced clay mask that’s a little unique to the others.

Pure Biology Clay Face Mask.

This formulated extract of Naturepep Pea comes from an enriched pea peptide formula coming from a peapod to give you a natural approach to skin care, and this ingredient actually fights the overproduction of melanin and inflammation. The best thing about this face mask is it’s free from animal cruelty, and also free from parabens and made with non-GMO products.

For those people who want a mask that can allow them to unwind and treat themselves, this one feels most like that. You can imagine yourself in some luxurious face mask when you have this on and it smells like something that a professional spa would use.

If your skin is already quite dry then this is a great product to choose, but if you suffer from oily skin then you might need to reconsider. The Pure Biology Clay Face Mask was thick and creamy as they should be, so when combined with your regular skincare routine it might even be able to reduce oiliness in the longer term, provided you are taking care in other ways.

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Baebody Dead Sea Mud Mask

To get a deep cleanse and clear your skin of its impurities, the Baebody Dead Sea Mud Mask might be exactly what you’re looking for. This wonderful product is made from ingredients sourced in the dead sea and fused with other natural and organic products such as sunflower oil and shea butter.

Baebody Dead Sea Mud Mask.

The best thing about this Dead Sea Mask from Baebody is that you’re not limited to just results on your face, as many people have tried it on their body and in particular dried or problem areas and found the benefits were just as good. There’s plenty in the container too which is another huge selling point.

If you’re looking for the best face mask for acne or clearing blackheads, it’s probably not this one. While it does give you a rejuvenating feel and bring suppleness back into your skin, it’s not necessary the best for removing zits or other blemishes. However, if you’re looking for something relaxing and softening, the Baebody Dead Sea Mud Mask is it.

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Freeman Polishing Mask

For something completely different but extremely effective at cleansing your skin and clearing blackheads, you can’t go past the power of charcoal and black sugar in this Freeman’s Polishing Mask. This mask contains some of the most natural and powerful exfoliants and detoxifying agents available, with the power to absorb oil and impurities.

While it might feel different to other products, this isn’t the best peel off face mask but rather one that washes away. It’s not as thick as the clay varieties but the charcoal and black sugar need time to seep into your pores and work their magic so you should leave it for as long as required.

However, when it’s time to remove it certainly comes off easier than most other brands.

Charcoal has had such a buzz following it lately thanks to its many health benefits, so it’s no wonder it can now be harnessed to improve the skin. When you add the exfoliating powers of black sugar as well it’s a winning combination.

The only issue with this product and anything else with such a large charcoal content is the smell, but provided you’re prepared for it then you should get used to it in no time. When you see the instant results your pores will receive then it’s usually worth it to put up with a slight odor like this.

Freeman Polishing Face Mask.

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Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Mask

For a serious face mask that has a triple action approach, your top choice has to be the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Mask. This mask applies a chemical, manual, and enzymatic exfoliation when you apply it and it can deeper than more masks to really clean out your powers.

The Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Mask has pumpkin enzyme in it which helps to exfoliate away the built up oil and dirt from your pores. Working with the other ingredients this also helps to smooth away fine lines that can prematurely age you, so it’s great for people looking for a boost of youth as well.

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Mask.

This mask is best for those with problem skin who need a tough approach, so if you usually have a sensitive reaction to beauty products you’ll need to reduce the wearing time. Although the central ingredient is pumpkin, there are still quite a few other powerful things at work here so you should be cautious with delicate skin.

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The Final Word

Just as unique as we each are, so too is our skin. The skin on our face is particularly delicate, and so it’s important to choose the best face mask to suit. Each of these products is great for certain areas, so whether you’re trying to rehydrate your face or rid yourself of blemishes, there’s bound to be something here within our top picks to serve you well.

For a comprehensive mask that would suit a broad variety of users, our top choice has to be the Freeman Polishing Mask. This mask uses the modern approach of charcoal and black sugar, which have been shown to have countless health benefits, and gives you something which can really work to get in deep.

A good face mask should be an addition to your regular beauty routine and something to be applied every now and then when you need a little extra care and attention. When we take daily care of our skin and apply one of these recommended masks, our skin will be looking and feeling better than ever.

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