6 Facts And Myths About Anti Aging Creams

6 Facts And Myths About Anti Aging Creams

There isn’t one of us alive who doesn’t wish for a more youthful complexion with a few less wrinkles and marks. Thankfully, there is now more of a chance than ever to achieve it with the latest and greatest anti-aging and antioxidant rich facial creams.

However, among this greatness is a few buried myths which we’re here to burst so you can know the real deal about these miracle products.

The Results Will Be Instant

If you’ve ever purchase an anti aging cream before you’ve probably been guilty of this. You apply your new cream at night and then upon waking rush to the mirror to see how many years you’ve aged overnight, only to find you look exactly the same. With any beauty product, and especially these antioxidant rich creams, you need to give them a few weeks at least to work their magic.

No Instant effect

Natural Creams Don’t Work

People believe that to do a good job, a cosmetic product should be full of chemicals and additives that are powerful but hard to pronounce. Thanks to numerous studies, we’ve found that some of the most natural ingredients actually have the best effect and in particular fruits and vegetables with such high levels of antioxidants which reverse the signs of aging.

The Cream Will Work On Its Own

Just because you’ve bought the latest and greatest anti-aging skin cream you can’t expect it to fix your life completely. Although they do have great powers, to get a truly youthful appearance you need to work inside out as well.

Have a healthy diet, drink a lot of water, and get 30 minutes of exercise a day. All of these in conjunction with your cream will not only make you look younger but feel younger too.

Anti Age

There’s One Great Cream For Everyone

There are many antioxidant and anti-aging creams that claim to be the one and only, but due to our many different skin types and unique complexions there’s never going to be one that works for everyone. According to dermatologists, simplicity is better when it comes to skin care so you don’t need a whole range of potions and lotions just to see results.

The Higher The Cost The Better The Results

Many years ago people believed that the most expensive skin care was that way because it had the greatest results when in actual fact it all came down to marketing. There are now many great products in the way of antioxidant creams, anti aging serums, and daily moisturizers that are well within the average woman’s budget and each of them with their own amazing results.

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