10 Surprising Facts About Your Lips

10 Surprising Facts About Your Lips

They do everything from talk to eat to kiss, but we often take for granted just how amazing our lips are. The beauty world seems to take the most notice of lips with everything from lipsticks, balms and glosses to get them looking their very best.

But there’s actually a lot about these amazingly gorgeous facial features that we just don’t know.

Here are some fascinating facts about our lips, including what makes them stand out from the rest of the animal species and why they look and feel the way we do. Once you know these amazing facts about your lips, you’ll probably be more inclined to take better care of them than ever before.

Fact 1: Your Lips Can Help You Find True Love

It now seems more important than ever to find the best lip color for your makeup kit, as scientists have proven that kissing plays a key role in how we find and select our mates. When your lips are more attractive then they’re more likely to land you a mate, and when we kiss someone else they’re brought close enough to us to smell our pheromones.

True love Lips

Fact 2: Our Lips Are Unique To Other Animals

Although there are many animal species which have lips, only humans feature the distinct border that marks the line between our skin and our lips. This is called the vermillion border and is something unique to us as human beings. Many people like to even exaggerate this border using products such as lip liner, which can also make the border appear larger.

Fact 3: Our Lips Require Many Muscles To Work

When you’re using your lips to play trumpet or pucker up for a romantic kiss, it requires the use of four different complex muscles working together. Although it might feel like a simple enough task, it’s actually quite complicated in comparison to other bodily functions we perform. Many actors actually perform lip exercises to warm these muscles up before they read, so it’s important to work them out too.

Lip Muscles are complex

Fact 4: Lips Can Make You Money

Studies conducted in France found that waitresses wearing red lipstick were more likely to receive a bigger tip than those who didn’t, so there’s never been a better time to invest in a great lip color to help your natural assets shine. However, this only applied to tips from men so where women were concerned they remained the same.

Fact 5: Our Lips Don’t Sweat

Woman applying lip color.

You might have noticed when you get particularly hot that the upper lip area sweats and can leave you feeling uncomfortable, however, did you know that our lips themselves don’t actually sweat?

Because there are no sweat glands present, our lips find it hard to stay moisturized which is the most important reason for taking care of them with lip balms and conditioners. When you’re in particularly dry conditions or feeling dehydrated, a simple lip balm can be an instant relief.

Fact 6: Lips Are Extremely Sensitive

When compared to other parts of the body, our lips are some of our most sensitive. This is due to the fact they have more than a million nerve endings present but don’t have the usual defensive membrane that other body parts have. For this reason, you need to take extra special care of them and particularly from harmful UV rays so always use an SPF inclusive lip balm.

Fact 7: Your Lips Are Unique

Just as we each have unique fingerprints, it’s true that no two set of lips are ever identical. If you were to apply some lipstick and kiss a window, you’ll have a completely unique lip print to anyone else that attempted the same. So try not to leave any kiss marks behind when you’re committing a crime, or they might just be able to find you.

Fact 8: Lip Cancer Is More Prevalent In Men

There’s far more to lipsticks and lip balms than just looking and feeling good, as studies have shown that men are more likely to get lip cancer because they fail to use these products as often as women.

Thankfully, there are many shine and color free balms that are just as effective for men and can help to prevent against such awful diseases.

Lip Cancer on lips

Fact 9: Lips Can Shrink Over Time

It’s a sad fact of life but one that leads many people to the surgeon’s office to have their lips filled with collagen, but over time your lips will eventually shrink. As we grow older and the collagen our body once produced begins to fade, this becomes noticeable in our lips as they shrink down and often require some creative makeup tricks to help them look plump again.

Fact 10: Our Lips Are Colored By Blood

When we’re not applying the latest and trendiest colors to our lips, they get their natural reddish hue to due blood. Because the skin on our lips is thinner than anywhere else on our body they’re almost transparent enough to see our blood flowing. Those with lighter skin will usually have redder lips for this very reason.

Blue Lip Color due to lack of oxygen

The Final Word

We all knew they looked pretty, but now there are facts to back up just how amazing our lips are. However, getting good lips isn’t something that can be achieved overnight and they need to be cared for just as you would the rest of the skin on your face.

With this right lip conditioning and lip color, you can have soft and luscious lips that are more likely to be kissed, making you feel and look better too. Now that you know just how amazing your lips are, you can take better care of them with the right products and treatments.

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