10 Tips For Women That Are Bad At Eyelining

10 Tips For Women That Are Bad At Eyelining

Ask any woman who knows how to apply makeup like a professional, and they’ll tell you that eyeliner and mascara were some of the toughest products to learn. There’s an absolute finesse and precision that comes to getting these right, and no doubt every woman has ended up with a smudge or smear at least a few times in her makeup career.

When you’re new to the world of cosmetics, the whole thought of doing your eyeliner can be enough to put you off, but there are some simple tricks you can learn that make it easier to practice and simple to perfect. We’ve compiled some of the top tips from the experts so you can perfect your eyeliner and mascara to leave your makeup looking flawless.

Take A Seat

Many women will try to learn to apply eyeliner while standing up at their mirror, leaving them off balance and making their hand shaky in the process.

To fix the shaky hand syndrome and give yourself a better chance to succeed, take a seat somewhere and rest your elbow on a bench or table. Place your pinky finger on your cheek to give yourself further stability and then begin to apply the eyeliner.

Connect The Dots

For people who prefer to use liquid liner due to the smoothness, it can be an art in itself when you’re just starting out and want to get a straight line.

making it easy to connect the dots

The best way to begin is to draw a succession of dots where you want the eyeliner to go and then connect them one at a time. This will give you a straight and even line, along with a break in between to re-steady yourself. Even better, you can line your eye with a pencil liner and go over it with liquid if you want to trace closer.

Go Natural

If you’re looking for a less dramatic eyeliner look, you can apply it directly to your lashes from the underside. Once you’ve completed the task, go over it with your regular mascara in a matching color to ensure that it all blends well together. When you match your eyeliner and mascara tones together it’s generally easier to have a more flawless look.

Use Your Cutlery

When you’re trying to achieve the cat eye look but finding it hard to get the shape right, you can go to your kitchen drawer and get yourself out a small spoon. Place the spoon along your eyelid where you want to draw and then use the curve to do the cat eye line. Once you get better you won’t need to use the props, but it’s a handy way to learn for now.

Spoon Hack Eyeliner

Pop It In The Freezer

For those who prefer the pencil eyeliner look and feel, you might find more often than not your favorite eyeliner pencil has turned a little crumbly. If chunks are coming off your eyeliner and you don’t have the money for a new one, just put it in the freezer for 10 minutes to help it reset and then it’ll be good to go again.

Smoky Eye Made Simple

Smokeky Eyeliner

If you’re wanting to get a smoky eye effect but end up looking instead like you’ve been in a bar fight instead, there’s a simple trick you can do with either pencil eyeliner or an eyeshadow pencil.

Draw a hashtag in the outer corner of your eyelid and then smudge it out to get the perfect effect. This works for all different colors too, so if you’re feeling adventurous you can go for something brighter.

Don’t Pull Your Skin

Although it can be super tempting when you’re trying to get things perfect, you should never pull your eyelid taught when you’re trying to apply eyeliner. Although it might look great when pulled, once you go back and let it go you’ll be left with a bumpy and unprofessional finish.

If things do get messy and you don’t want to reapply the whole lot, you can simply dip a cotton swab in makeup remover to clear it up.

Test The Waters

When you’re wanting to give eyeliner a try but think it’s still a little dramatic for your look, you can use a flat angled small brush to apply your everyday eyeshadow on your eyeline for a less intense result. Once you’ve worked up to a darker color and more confident with the look, you can make the move to eyeliner and choose either gel, liquid, or pencil.

Choose Your Weapon Carefully

There are three main types of eyeliner to choose from, and each has their own benefits. However, most people usually find they have a favorite and stick with it forever, so the fact is you might just not have found the right one yet.

Pencil eyeliner is the easiest to apply but also the least sleek, liquid liners are great for absolute precision but the hardest to master, and gel liners come with a pot and brush but are usually only a matte finish.

Eyeliner Gel

Have Fun With It

The cardinal rule of applying any makeup is to enjoy yourself, take the time to learn and practice, and have with experimenting with different looks. Although eyeliner and mascara can seem daunting to learn, eventually you’ll become a professional and you can share your tips and tricks with those who might be struggling.

To ensure you have the very best skin that allows you to apply makeup with a flawless finish, it’s always important to remove it completely and follow up with a cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine. By caring for our skin underneath we make sure we’re working with the very best base for applying makeup like the experts.

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